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Possible Solution

Winnebago Traffic Safety Plan

Goal: to provide pedestrians and bicyclists a safe and convenient means of crossing Highway 77/75 within the Village of Winnebago.

Objective: Determine the intersections with the highest pedestrian, bicycle and combined use.

Since the traffic is relatively consistent on its flow throw the village, automobile use is probably no heavier on any particular stretch of the way through the village. A traffic survey, community survey, community forum or and informal but consistent observation period of the intersections will determine the highest priority.

Objective: Determine a prioritized list of locations requiring immediate improvements based on need and special population considerations.

Elders and juveniles should be given a weighted priority within these considerations. Priorities should be incorporated into a schedule or implementation plan.

Objective: Determine traffic calming devises and safety measures to implement in each location.

For each site determine measures necessary to meet the needs of the community. Include bicycle features into the improvements. Include ADA requirements into improvements.

Objective: Obtain Tribal Council and Village approval of planned measures.

If at all possible a member of the tribal council and the Village Board should be involved in planning and report to these entities as progress develops. Once plans are finalized, formal adoption of the plans should be obtained from both of these government entities.

Objective: Determine costs for planned improvements and sources of funds.

Ideally these plans will be incorporated into the District 3 Traffic Improvement Plan and the State Traffic Improvement Plans, but this may take too long before actual improvements on priorities can occur. In such a case funds may have to be raised after approval is obtained from the District 3 and DOR Traffic Engineers.

Objective: Evaluate results annually to determine successful measures, additional needs at improved crossings, and crossings that need to be addressed.