Housing Assistance Brochure
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Housing Information Packets are also available at the HCCDC Offices in Walthill, Nebraska.

Please contact Mr. Don French for more information about HCCDC's Housing Program.



Housing Development Goals and Objectives
Increase Number of Single-Family Housing Units on Nebraska Reservations.
The number of housing units in Winnebago actually decreased from the 1990 U.S. Census (251 units) to the 2000 Census (233 units). Our goal is to construct at least 10 new homes per year so that the quality of housing choice, availibility, and living will improve.
Increase Number of Multi-Family Housing Units on Nebraska Reservations.
The Winnebago Housing Authority currently has over 100 families on a housing waiting list. Presently there is no student housing at the Tribal College, which had 120 students enrolled in 2001. Our goal is to construct two new multi-family units over the next three years.
Homeowner Downpayment Assistance Program.
According to the 2000 U.S. Census, only 38% of housing units in Winnebago were owner-occupied, compared to the State of Nebraska at 67%. Our goal is to provide at least twenty new homebuyers downpayment assistance funds to purchase a home over the next two years.
Create a Housing Revolving Loan Fund to be used for low-interest loans to housing developers and/or Tribal Governments for housing development projects and to individuals/families for purchase of a home.
There is no bank or financial institution in Winnebago. Therefore, residents must seek mortgage loans at banks located in nearby communities. Our goal is to establish a mortgage loan fund of at least $1 Million to assist as least eight new homebuyers purchase a home.