Business Development Programs
For more information about our small business loans please refer to the revolving loan page.
The HCCDC Business Development Center has been open since January 2003. There are currently two businesses, AllNative Office Supply and Inter-Tribal Workers Compensation for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. We have the capacity to occupy up to 6 small businesses. Anyone interested apply within.
Business Development Center Primary components:

Lease business incubator spaces to new business start-ups.

Establish, maintain, and increase revolving loan fund pools.

Conduct business/technology training workshops and courses.

Provide technical assistance and expertise.

Establish coordination of a local small business association.


The BDC has the capacity of housing up to six small businesses. This program although newly created, has policies and procedures in place.

Several partnerships with existing incubator programs are being used to assist with the development of this program. Some preliminary criteria for the program have been considered, including:

Client/tenant selection.
Prospective clients of the business incubator space will be required to complete an application process and must be given board approval to be accepted in the lease program. Prospective clients must have completed sound business plan for their business preferably having successfully completed the HCCDC Business Development Center's entrepreneurial program.

Business Library and Business/Technology Training.
The business library and training courses are still in the early stages of development. Business information packets are available upon request at the HCCDC offices. The BDC will house a business library and training space with computer stations for business and technology training. The goal of this training center is to enable participants to increase their job skills, obtain better employment, earn a higher wage and ultimately achieve a better standard of living. Additionally, area employers will be able to access the center for specific technology training courses tailored for their company's needs.

Technical assistance and expertise includes:

One-on-one consultation
Establishment & coordination of a local small business association.

Criteria for the program includes:

Maintain an "open-door," public access policy in order to remain accessible to needs of the community, the Tribe, and business owners and managers. One-on-one assistance can be scheduled at any time during regular business hours and by special appointment.

Serve as a resource for micro-business owners to access information about local and national training opportunities, memberships in professional organizations, and network with other micro-business owners.

Encourage and assist new small business owners to form a local Small Business Association that would allow area businesses to identify and address problems and needs at the local level that impact or may impact the success of their business.