Ho-Chunk Community Development Corporation (HCCDC)
was formed on December 8, 2000 and designated by the Internal Revenue Service on August 13, 2001 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Based on community input and strategic planning, the Board and Executive Director have established three primary areas of focus:

1. Commercial Development
2. Community/Youth Development

3. Housing Development

To raise the socio-economic and educational levels for Native American communities and the people of Thurston County in Nebraska. It's emphasis shall be on creating an economically viable community by improving the unemployment rates, poverty levels, expanding training opportunities, developing enterprises in depressed areas, and expanding housing opportunities for low income persons and families.

To be a leading action-oriented organization. Our purpose is to help small business to continue and prosper, to develop and implement community development projects, and to be a source of information that will benefit both small businesses and community members.

HCCDC is presently located in Walthill, Nebraska. Our Primary area of focus is the the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska Reservation, which is located wholly in Thurston County, Nebraska.

Our service area also includes The Omaha Reservation, Winnebago Reservation, Ponca Indian Tribe, and Santee Reservation.

The Winnebago Reservation borders the Omaha Tribe Reservation, together, the two reservations encompass the entirety of Thurston County. The Village of Winnebago is the largest community on the Winnebago Reservation.